Say it

•1 februarja, 2013 • Oddaj komentar

say it….

what am I to you?

say it darling

to me you are an ocean blue

you know when you cry

I cry too

what am I to you?

say it darling

I’d give my last breath for you

because I love you

what am I to you?

say it darling

when I look at you

I know I want to grow old with you

say it darling

and be true

what am I to you?

Blue blue sky

•29 januarja, 2013 • 6 komentarjev


I fly fly up to the sky
fly there where you can see
just small dots from the sky
rock giants that rise
wandering blue snakes
endless fields of gold
and green velvet carpets
spreads my wings wide
and glide
glide with closed joyful eyes
until freezing north wind
paralyses the flight
spins and turns all the way down
crashes me to the ground
looking up to fluffy blue sky
tear runs down my eye
wondering will I ever really fly



•27 decembra, 2012 • 13 komentarjev



I called the moon
asked the stars
begged the sun
to tell me
what kind of life it would be
if there is no you and me
the moon would never rise again
the stars would never shine again
and the sun would be mercilessly
it rays would dry out the land
so no man could ever lay foot
on it again
Darling the mountain that we climb
may seem that is not ment to be
but at the end you will see
the view is perfect just with me


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20121223-163742.jpg(photo credit : wikipedija)


engines are down
no fuel
no energy left
battles are lost
walls going up again
brick by brick
tear by tear
to protect what is left
foundations of fortress
before winds of north
find it way to sneak in
and turn this heart
to be cold as ice
and hard like steel

In a blink of an eye

•15 decembra, 2012 • 2 komentarja


In a blink of an eye
so many things die
there is no time to say goodbye
just bee fly on a blue sky
only sound is deep sigh
we are too shocked to cry
no we are not shy
just angry on a bad guy
that is so sly
and we can’t deny
there is no water for bonsai
empty fields of rye
no dreams in child’s eye
future now is dry
some just drop by
leave eternal why
why I


•15 oktobra, 2012 • 5 komentarjev


photo credit: national geographic


the night is over

waiting for those sparkly eyes to show up

I know you are hungry

your fangs need to pierce my skin

they need to bite in

and tear

my flesh from bones

and feel

intoxicating sweet blood

running down your throat

fear panic urge to survive

all is gone

emptiness helplessness surrender

you are fed

but I know you will come back

to gnaw the rest of it

and to get

the only thing that left

my poorly beating heart


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I was such a fool believing

that I can make you mine

I was such a fool believing

that when I reach out my hand

you will long for mine

I was such a fool believing

that if I offer you a shelter

that you will be happy to stay

I was such a fool believing

that my fruits tastes better

than in neighbour’s garden

I was such a fool believing

that my love for you

will be simply enough


A little bit of heaven

•9 septembra, 2012 • 2 komentarja



wake up
fall asleep

pick up

day after day
night after night

season after season
year after year


for little piece of heaven
with you


•20 avgusta, 2012 • 2 komentarja

bodies are lost
souls are not

pain comes
time heals it

bitter taste in your mouth
sweet will never be

eternal question

thank god
memories will never go away

The cloak

•27 junija, 2012 • 4 komentarji


when sadness strikes

it cracks my mind

opens up wound inside

salty crystals venomously

and erratically dilates

from main pulsing muscle

attempting to paralyse

suck the air from lungs

 I wear my cloak

you wove the other night

to ease my pain to see the light

every thread brigs me back to life

threads of tender words and gentle hugs