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spring allures her on the open

to stretch her long limbs

to shook with her gold hair

to nuzzle her eyes

to fill her lungs with air

her sleepy eyes take first look to the blue sky

to the bee that flies by

to a friend that stands near by

that wonders why

why she is so shy

gentle breeze swings her brittle body

she is dancing and moving within

smiling and bathing in the sun

she is waiting for that prefect heavy cloud to come

full of life  full of hope

first refreshing rain drops

that ease the pain of burning sun

she drinks and drinks

blooms in all her glory

Sun rises and falls day after day

she bathes and bathes in the sun

she is not so vital any more

losing her strenght with every bath she takes

hoping for the cloud to come

but he is gone

left for another flower

the sun is stronger and stronger

soil drier and drier

cracks wider and wider

she is fading

her beauty is dying

she is fighting to move her head

to see approaching cloud

but this time

he is too late

~ od damls na 22 aprila, 2012.

6 komentarjev to “Sunflower”

  1. This is devastaing…wonderful but heartbreaking

  2. enjoyed reading..

  3. I really love the imagery you paint here. Beautiful work. : )

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