A little bit of heaven

•9 septembra, 2012 • 2 komentarja



wake up
fall asleep

pick up

day after day
night after night

season after season
year after year


for little piece of heaven
with you


•20 avgusta, 2012 • 2 komentarja

bodies are lost
souls are not

pain comes
time heals it

bitter taste in your mouth
sweet will never be

eternal question

thank god
memories will never go away

The cloak

•27 junija, 2012 • 4 komentarji


when sadness strikes

it cracks my mind

opens up wound inside

salty crystals venomously

and erratically dilates

from main pulsing muscle

attempting to paralyse

suck the air from lungs

 I wear my cloak

you wove the other night

to ease my pain to see the light

every thread brigs me back to life

threads of tender words and gentle hugs

Not alone

•23 junija, 2012 • 6 komentarjev


in this  world of constant hurry

where all what left are worries

I am here and I am there

I go crazy I go mad

you take my hand

pulls me close

hugs me tight

and kiss my nose

rain stops

clouds are gone

wind settles down

shadows loses strength

melody of your heart

rainbow in your eyes

tells me I am not alone

and not alone to worry

Green for green

•18 junija, 2012 • 5 komentarjev


I wish to lay my head

on this soft pillow

branchlets to mix with my hair

close this tired eyes

let the sun to stroke pale skin

tunes of forest to fill the brain

smell of green and  brown to spin the world around

falling leaf to touch the ground

you to slide down my line


•17 junija, 2012 • 8 komentarjev


in a meadow

full of flowers

 I picked you

to admire

to hold

to love

to protect

you and your

everlasting beauty

and brilliant mind

Lake of wishes

•17 junija, 2012 • 4 komentarji


walking on a trail

high up on the mountain

in breathtaking forest

sunbeams do magic

when they find the way

through treetops

to sparkling mineral stones

hold it tight

it edges cut deep

deep in my palm

wish is so strong

barely open up the fist

and throw it into the  lake

with no doubt coolness of lake

will take it to the core of mountain

and send it up in blue sky